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Pantry for Sharing Happiness

At the height of COVID-19 lockdowns in the spring of 2020, when many lost jobs and struggled to put food on the table, Bumble Bee Free Library introduced an open-access food pantry outside the library. By doing so, BBFL joined a network of food pantries known as ตู้ปันสุข (Pantry for Sharing Happiness) that popped up throughout Thailand. The project is still going strong.

A hard-working Pantry Support Team, led by Jona Balido Sta Romana and her son Joey, stocked the pantry that on occasion served up to 100 people a day. Thank you to Jum Napis of OC Organic Shop and her friends for donating the 4-tiered pantry.

When we noticed that some people lacked transportation to get to the pantry, we launched a BBFL Pantry Delivery service. Recipients are recommended by their own neighbors. We tailor each care package according to a family's needs. Got a big family? We stock the bag with extra milk and rice. Mother with a baby? We include baby formula.

A tremendous thank you to the countless individuals and groups who donated food and supplies continuously and generously.

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