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Field Trips, Workshops & Parties

In addition to language classes, ESL students at the library are often invited to join field trips and other special activities. Library members have been treated to trips to local parks, playgrounds, sports days, Frisbee games, dance performances and concerts. 

Free workshops included lessons in chess, yoga, drama, art, basketball and music. Story tellers Nat and Jen Whitman enthralled children at many celebrations. The library has also hosted puzzle night and parties to celebrate birthdays and Halloween. 

Thank you to Mansions in the Park for providing van transportation for countless excursions, to Bill and Mare Harvey for sponsoring a field trip to a local park, to the many groups at International School Bangkok for hosting sports days and inviting BBFL children to concerts, plays, dance shows and other cultural events.

Through these special activities, BBFL builds friendships and community. BBFL is more than just books. We bring neighbors together.

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