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Promoting education and opportunities through a neighborhood library, classes, and activities that help others to "Learn to Read and Read to Learn".

Encouraging understanding by bringing the

Thai and expat communities together.

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Bumble Bee Free Library is proof that we can all make the world a better place, by making positive changes one step at a time.

If you see a need, take action. 

That's precisely how a bucket-list dream for one person became a free community library serving a neighborhood of thousands. 

If you're blessed with a talent, share it.

That's how BBFL can offer free tutoring and workshops covering art, drama, music, yoga, and yes, even basketball.

If you see that someone needs help, reach out.
That's how BBFL's food pantry came about during the pandemic.

If you have resources, donate them.
That's the generosity which funds BBFL's operating expenses and all of our programs. 

If you have a dream, pursue it.
That's why BBFL is here -- to help you achieve your goals.



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